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Since the early years I was searching for an elegant, beautiful, tranquil, ephemeral and tender embodiment of the femininity in fashion design. The clothing which emphasises female fragility, plasticity, versatility and grace. The fashion which transforms the world in which female stays feminine and therefore powerful. I strongly believe that a new dress is not enough yet to change a woman’s personality and by no means will it turn into a solution of all of her problems. However, a new wisely selected dress will not allow her to be aggressive, rude, loud or brutal. A feminine outfit turns the magic weapon of femininity on, which is saturated with spirituality, elegance, beauty and freedom.

It turns I found what I searched for – a young and independent fashion designer Lena Klakina represents her ultra-feminine and modern brand Madelane. The brand philosophy correlates with my perception of ideal fashion design, which stands for the idea of what we do today can change the destiny of tomorrow. Brand Madelane aspires for the ultimate result where luxury and sensuality meets new age – chic. The age when today‘s woman feels great and looks fantastic and is in harmony with her inside and outside appearance.

The perfect silhouette and original drawing define MADELANE collections aimed at true connoisseurs of luxury. Lena, the brand founder and a creative director, elaborates innovative ideas on silk often fused with French lace, Italian wool and cashmere from famous manufacturers in Paris and Milan, who also work with renowned brands like Burberry, Liberty, Jigsaw, Ted Baker, Coach, Nordstrom and Elie Tahari. The main design feature is an absolute comfort and functionality of each product to allow various ways of styling. Elements of contrasting cultures and traditions are intertwined in each collection as a reflection of designer’s trips to Asia and Europe. The collections are 100% produced in Europe.

I thought the most definitely someone who creates such a spiritual beauty should be an attractive personality with the ability to think and reflect on a deep level. I was right, Lena Klakina is an extraordinary personality. She agreed to answer a few questions exclusively for Cheeseofpeacecake (CofP) about her life and creation of Madelane brand.

CofP: Lena, how did you as a business owner came to the fashion industry? Why exactly did silk material inspire you?

Lena Klakina: I dreamt about the architecture profession but one exhibition in France changed absolutely everything. That was a textile exhibition in Paris. Wandering through the exhibition halls I did lose my way in the silk and lace section. Right at that moment I felt I’ve finally found my creative paradise. Since the early years I was passionate about creating smth. Moreover to create smth unique what people would fall in love with is the highest appraisal an artist can dream of. I did establish my brand as soon as I‘ve graduated from my Master studies.

I‘m getting my inspiration from women from all over the world. Female being is so diverse, unique and authentic and I do believe she deserves the best this universe can offer. This is the reason why I create fashion pieces made of natural silk. In addition to that I believe that clothing should deliver comfort and functionality, so that female can feel oneself light and feminine nowadays in the world full of hectic and fuss.

CofP: Lena, was it easy to decide to start own fashion brand on a highly competitive market? What obstacles did you face?

Lena Klakina: When you are in your early twenties nothing seems impossible. I just started creating fashion pieces what I liked, fashion pieces of my dreams, without worries of highly competitive market. I had a firm intention to create a product which will empower women from all over the world. The empowerment which will make women feel beautiful, happy and confident.

I went internationally with my first collection by participating in a variety of European exhibitions. Being a commercial designer I have a target and a challenge to create a ready to wear fashion and at the same time not to restrict myself as an artist. We aim to produce fashion of high quality at a still affordable price level.

I’ve faced significant difficulties when searching for production forces. It’s not an easy task to find a qualified professional who has experience in working with silk and lace. Another challenge for every startup is to go viral within the limited marketing budget. I think we did overcome all obstacles due to not compromising on the quality of our products and as a result the trust of our customers. Silk in combination with a high-quality production is a long-term investment, which pays back every single time you wear it!

CofP: Lena, which way the typical Madelane/Klakina woman look like? Style, values, occupation…?

Lena Klakina: Madelane is a fashion brand for a modern woman: she is an elegant businesswoman by day and graceful and feminine queen in the evening. We pay attention to detail and put an accent playing with light and bright shades, soft silhouettes and semitransparent fabrics. Madelane style is anything but boring! We see it as a unique combination of invincible power and a touching tenderness. Madelane woman does not try to deliver on anyone’s expectations but she stays true to herself! She is confident and therefore successful! Madelane is not sticking to the ideal parameters in any aspect, instead, we are praising the individuality. We see personality as a balanced combination of three major components: being able to enjoy, express oneself and cooperate with others. As a result, there is a self-confident, sustainable, openminded personality who is brave enough to take life challenges.

CofP: Lena, if you would have a chance to get back to the beginning of your journey, what advice would you give to the less experienced yourself?

Lena Klakina: Live in a moment, develop yourself, enjoy yourself and keep the balance! Create smth that makes an effective change in yourself and outside world, smth that would be of a heresy interest to others. Don‘t be afraid of difficulties as you will face them anyway. Believe in your dream and it will definitely come true! Be grateful to  everyone who believes in you and the success of your idea. Be happy, as happiness is in your creativity and the way you live.

CofP: Thank you for sharing your story with us! Lena, we wish you and Madelane brand all success you deserve! I‘m sure after learning the philosophy behind Madelane and having a look at the actual collection, every woman would get inspired to keep discovering her femininity. Please remember, the way we feel and think today models our future. Let‘s get inspired together! 


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