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What we do today can change the destiny of tomorrow. Brand look is “here and now” to expand vision of the future. A world where our art and creativity can form another dimension saturated with spirituality, elegance, beauty and freedom. Brand aspire for the ultimate result where luxury and sensuality meets new age – chic. Woman of today feels great and looks amazing. She is in harmony of her inside and outside look.

Our inspiration – Women of the whole world – they are so different, so unique, so REAL. We believe that a woman deserves the best! That is why our clothes are created from natural silk.

Freedom and harmony are in tune with the brand’s concept of “here and now”, which is about breathing beauty, dressing in a unique way and being happy, without leaving a single important moment till tomorrow. Our client does not try to impress, she knows how to be herself – her own Muse!



Two cities at the heart of Baltic Sea, Stockholm and Riga is where women’s clothing brand MADELANE creates its enchanting silk dresses. Fragile and fascinating, just like the wings of a butterfly each dress is an artistic reflection of excellence and favoured across the UK, Baltic States, Europe and Asia. The design and fabrics with unique print are really on the verge of art and fashion. Glorious delicate colours could well live on a canvas. A genuine passion for fine craftsmanship has evolved since childhood but never left the heart of designer Elena Klakina.

Elena’s grandfather was her first inspiration, a talented artist and a wonderful teacher he passed on some secrets to beloved granddaughter. Today her paintings can be seen at private exhibitions, and designs are sold at international shows including Pure London, Collection Premiere Moscow and Zip Zone. Her favourite pins on the map would be the National Gallery in London, the Impressionist Museum in Paris and Textile Museum in the Swiss city of St. Gallen. No wonder, MADELANE dresses are watercolour envisioning of the world’s renown art on fabric and if you are lucky to bag one, it would have all qualities of a painting adorning your wardrobe.

The perfect silhouette and original drawing define MADELANE collections aimed at true connoisseurs of luxury. Elena elaborates original ideas on silk often fused with French lace, Italian wool and cashmere from famous manufacturers in Paris and Milan, who also work with renowned brands like Burberry, Liberty, Jigsaw, Ted Baker, Coach, Nordstrom, Elie Tahari. The main design feature is an absolute comfort and functionality of each product to allow various ways of styling. Elements of contrasting cultures and traditions are intertwined in each collection as a reflection of designer’s trips to Asia and Europe. The collections are 100% produced in Europe.

Elena studied at the renowned Central Saint Martins in London, Riga Technical University and School of Art in Latvia. Her resume features work with such Swedish company as BabyBjorn and product creation for celebrities. Sustainability and ethical approach are key in MADELANE production which uses zero-waste cutting pattern to help preserve every millimetre of magical silk.

This year MADELANE has partnered with French perfumers to launch a fragrance named Miss Naturale (Eau de Parfum), which in a limited edition will be available in stores where the brand is already present. Freedom and harmony of the fragrance are in tune with the brand’s concept of “here and now”, which is about breathing out beauty, dressing in a unique way and being happy, without leaving a single important moment till tomorrow.

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